Tuesday 10 December 2013

Radio Times - costume hints?

An interesting story has appeared on the Radio Times website.

We are in that twilight zone of news where nothing is being given away, but it does hint at what might form part of The 12th Doctor’s costume.

What will Peter Capaldi look like
as The Doctor?

It quotes an alleged BBC insider who has apparently seen the costume taking shape.
The decision over the costume was ultimately made by a combination of Capaldi himself, executive producer Brian Minchin, showrunner Steven Moffat and senior members of the art team and had to be approved by senior BBC executives.
Capaldi’s costume mixes old and new – is a “bit old fashioned to denote the fact that he is the oldest Doctor” but is also “looking to the future as well” says the well-placed sourced.
The article goes on to say that Peter is very keen on his clothes, quoting Steven Moffat saying:
He likes his clothes….he’s got very strong opinions about clothes, he’s very dashing.
The Radio Times speculates that he’ll wear:
Something quite gentlemanly and distinguished about his attire – maybe a frock coat perhaps, or something C19th a la his favourite Doctor William Hartnell. I suspect he won’t have the eye-watering coat of a Colin Baker or the Christmas jumper look of Sylvester McCoy, with all those question marks.But what of that modern twist? Exactly what that will be remains to be seen.
As with all things Doctor Who - only time will tell.