Friday 12 February 2016

Space Shark t-shirt - alternatives

Since we all missed out on the T-shirt Store’s Space Shark t-shirt, the only alternative is to find something similar.

There are a couple of options out there.

On there is another commercial t-shirt with a similar shark’s head in a matching pose. Shark Head Killer
Black T-shirt

If you want something a little more screen-accurate, then Skippy2k who found the original shark’s head picture, has his recreation on

RedBubble - 12th Dr Space Shark
T-Shirt V2
Let hope he doesn’t get sued like the producers of Steve Jobs!


  1. Can you tell me which episode be store this shirt in? I'd have to rematch the whole series. Which I might do anyway lol.

  2. Fabulous research Sherlock! Many thanks! When you spoke to the original store, did they mention if the shirt was black or dark navy?

    1. It was discussed as 'black', but without having seen one in-hand I cannot 100% confirm that with certainty.


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