Tuesday 27 October 2015

BBC promo pictures - The Zygon Invasion

The Zygons are back - and here are the promo pictures from the first part, The Zygon Invasion.

Tuesday 20 October 2015

BBC promo pictures -
The Woman Who Lived

With Massie Williams returning in this week’s episode, it goes without saying a lot of the publicity shots for The Woman Who Lived concentrate on her.

Here are just the images featuring Peter Capaldi as The Doctor.

Quite a nice pack shot - but where is Clara? Jenna Coleman seems to have been sidelined in these photos.

Tuesday 13 October 2015

Pocket props - record collector

It’s always fun to complement a costume with a pocket pop or two, whether it be a sonic screwdriver or a pair of sonic shades.

But this week’s episode got me thinking about tracking down a copy of the two identified LP records seen in the pre-credit scene.

As ever eBay is the place to look for quick results and it came up trump for me on both discs.

HAYDN Symphonies No. 94 (Surprise) & 100 (Military) LP Record
For the Haydn I had to go a little far afield to track it down. The seller was in Germany.

BEETHOVEN - Symphony No 5 LP Record
The Beethoven was easier to find, and from a UK seller too.

Both ordered, I just got to wait for the postman to bring them to my door!

BBC promo pictures - The Girl Who Died

This week’s episode of Doctor Who will mark the first appearance this season of Game Of Thrones star Massie Williams, and she features prominently in the main publicity image for the episode.

We can see The Doctor continues to wear his dark Cromie coat, with the All Saints hoodie underneath.

Below this is the first outing for the Label Lab Negative Flowers design t-shirt, as well as some new trousers in a bold light check on dark navy.
This promo image is also the cover of this week’s Radio Times magazine.

If you look closely you’ll notice as well as knocking back the trees in the background, the two co-stars have been cut out and moved slightly closer to Peter to make a more compact composition.

Monday 12 October 2015

The Doctor’s Desert Island Discs

This week’s fourth-wall breaking opening monologue by The Doctor showed us a little of his record collection.

These would make great pocket props - the handy additions that turns a run of the mill cosplay into something special.

I haven’t been able to identify the first record, but the others are:

Haydn Surprise & Military Symphonies 
Conductor : Otto Strauss
Orchestra : Philharmonia Orchestra Of Berlin
Label: Fidelio
Catalogue No : ALT 4048
Published 1963

Beethoven Symphony No 5 in C minor Op 67
Conductor : William Steinburg
Orchestra : Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra
Label : Music For Pleasure
Catalogue No : MFP 2104
Published : 1967
There is also another album with 1970s looking text beginning HA, but its difficult to identify that one.

By the way, did anyone notice the reference to The Idiot’s Lantern with the Magpie Electricals badge on The Doctor’s amplifier?!

Tuesday 6 October 2015

BBC promo pictures - Before The Flood

It’s that time of the week again, and the BBC have issued the promo pictures for Before The Flood.

Last week we had the carefully composited pack-shot representing Under The Lake, so I guess they decided not to do one for this week’s second part.

Thursday 1 October 2015

Doc Martean boots -
when a lie becomes the truth

Back in late January 2014, when Peter Capaldi’s costume was first unveiled to the world, the BBC stated the new Doctor was wearing:
Peter Capaldi, who replaces Matt Smith, will have a dark blue Crombie coat with red lining, dark blue trousers, white shirt and black Dr Marten shoes.
Fan quickly realised this wasn’t entirely correct - in fact the coat turned out to be custom-made, and not cut by Crombie; and the boots were Loakes, not Doc Marten’s as written.

Now the new series is well underway, the high resolution images used to publicise the episodes are revealing a few secrets, including the Doctors NEW boots!

Posting the pictures from Under The Lake has prompted a spate of comments from readers who have identified the new boots - as Doc Marten’s.

This photo in particular shows the boots very clearly - and you can see they are not Loakes.
In fact, they are not the Doc Marten alternatives to the Loakes, but appear to be Mayer boots, available on their website.

Dr Martens (Germany) - Mayer Boots
At the moment I can’t find them on the UK site - so if I’ve missed them, let me know and send me a link.

But here they are on their other regions - Catch them while you can!!!
Dr Martens (France) - Mayer Boots
Dr. Martens (Netherlands) - Mayer Boots