Tuesday 20 October 2015

BBC promo pictures -
The Woman Who Lived

With Massie Williams returning in this week’s episode, it goes without saying a lot of the publicity shots for The Woman Who Lived concentrate on her.

Here are just the images featuring Peter Capaldi as The Doctor.

Quite a nice pack shot - but where is Clara? Jenna Coleman seems to have been sidelined in these photos.

It looks like the hoodie and Paul Smith jumper combo is on again.
The hoodie looks distinctly green, like the one seen in Under The Lake and clearly visible in the publicity stills for Before The Flood.

In this shot you can clearly see Peter has ANOTHER new pair of trousers for the episode.

Start hunting everyone!

I see the sonic shades are back. Again.

As is the psychic paper.
It’s about time they either invented something truly new, or simply did away with these cop-out props once and for all!

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