Thursday 1 October 2015

Doc Martean boots -
when a lie becomes the truth

Back in late January 2014, when Peter Capaldi’s costume was first unveiled to the world, the BBC stated the new Doctor was wearing:
Peter Capaldi, who replaces Matt Smith, will have a dark blue Crombie coat with red lining, dark blue trousers, white shirt and black Dr Marten shoes.
Fan quickly realised this wasn’t entirely correct - in fact the coat turned out to be custom-made, and not cut by Crombie; and the boots were Loakes, not Doc Marten’s as written.

Now the new series is well underway, the high resolution images used to publicise the episodes are revealing a few secrets, including the Doctors NEW boots!

Posting the pictures from Under The Lake has prompted a spate of comments from readers who have identified the new boots - as Doc Marten’s.

This photo in particular shows the boots very clearly - and you can see they are not Loakes.
In fact, they are not the Doc Marten alternatives to the Loakes, but appear to be Mayer boots, available on their website.

Dr Martens (Germany) - Mayer Boots
At the moment I can’t find them on the UK site - so if I’ve missed them, let me know and send me a link.

But here they are on their other regions - Catch them while you can!!!
Dr Martens (France) - Mayer Boots
Dr. Martens (Netherlands) - Mayer Boots


  1. Haha awesome, I snagged a pair of these on e-bay a few days ago. Got a good deal on the Loakes too. :) Sadly I don't think I will ever have that PS holey jumper that he seems to favor.

  2. Oh here is the UK link by the way, I found them there first but they don't ship to the US and the US site didn't have them. :( Got a good deal on a new pair though. They are on sale but only one size left...

  3. The Talib model is very similar. i've gone for those as I couldn't find Maye in stock here in Aus

  4. Not to mention, he's also ditched the Loake's for Doc Marten Affleck boots. You can tell if you compare them. The differences are minor, but obvious once you spot them,

  5. Hmm, for some reason it didn't post but I wonder if he has actually ditched them? I know he was wearing the DM's with the velvet coat but believe he was still wearing the Loake's in "The Magician's Apprentice".

  6. I see Stephen Marsh already mentioned the Talib style boots, but I'll mention them again for those in the US. :)


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