Monday 27 June 2016

Series 10 filming: The Return Of Matt Lucas

After Friday’s surprise reveal of The Doctor’s new black velvet frock coat, filming continued today at Cardiff University.

Not only was there the further surprise of Matt Lucas joining the crew to start filming his return to the series, but we also got ANOTHER new costume variation.
You can see an in-depth gallery from the days filming here

So what clues can we green from these photos?

Peter continues to wear the new VELVET FROCK COAT with blue lining.

Under this is the new HOODIE TOP, as worn before.

Below that is a new DARK BLUE WAISTCOAT, worn with only the top button done up. It has a laid in collar and flapped pockets. Very fancy.

Under that appears to be a navy blue or BLACK T-SHIRT, and under that there could even be a further LIGHT BLUE T-SHIRT (if you look closely there is a flash of this at his waistline.
You can read a couple of good press reports on the filming, with accompanying photos, here