Saturday 10 September 2016

Burgundy velvet - the full works

This week I delivered a rather nice example of my replica burgundy velvet Capaldi coat.

The client really wanted to all out on getting the coat made as absolutely authentic as possible, so he provided his own screen-accurate Holland & Sherry velvet, as well as the correct shot twill lining.

The screen-used cloth is not the cheapest option when it comes to velvet, so can add nearly half the price to the cost of making the coat.

The buttons are again the screen-accurate real horn, with the matt red cuff button from the original shop ray Holman got his from.
My client provided his own shiny button for the other cuff.

This client is a chest 38, so it snugly fits my mannequin, showing of the fit and cut to its absolute best.

The problem sometimes can be making a coat to fit a client, and still keeping true to the appearance and proportions of the original we are trying to replicate.

A taller frame will inevitable elongate the coat; a more stocky frame will widen the silhouette of the garment.Thus neither will look right seen out of context, but on the wearer they are cut for, the fit will carry off the look wanted.

I don’t specifically know Peter Capaldi’s size, but this particular coat certainly feels to be the closest I have made to his fit.

This means the proportion of the lapels and button placements can be their nearest to the screen-worn coats so far.
Keeping a good drape on the front of the coat where the lining comes right to the leading edge is deceptively challenging.

The coat was sent out to the client this week, and arrived safely the next day at its intended destination.

To say the client was happy is an underestimation - he’s been posting his photos to much praise on Facebook and Instagram ever since, with a photo-shoot planned at a castle very shortly.

I’ll bring you the results from that as soon as I can.


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