Saturday 24 September 2016

ZARA Ripped sweater - don’t rip a rip-off!

For those that missed out on the Paul Smith holy jumper, they had an extra life with the TopMan Laddered Crew Neck, which itself became canon in series 10.

Now that that has sold out too, there is another life-line - in the form a a Rpped Sweater from high street retailer, Zara.

ZARA Ripped Sweater

As you can see, it has the same style of holes and some ladders, but not as prolific as the Topman jumper, or the Paul Smith before it.

The overall shape a cut of the jumper is near identical to the Topman version, so in that regard it is a good stand-by while you track down a Topman screen-accurate version.

Given the availability of the preceding jumpers, this may be a good-enough alternative for the casual cosplayer.

It is, however, slight cheaper than the Topman jumper - and radically cheaper than the Paul Smith - which is always a good thing for the wallet!

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