Wednesday 7 September 2016

TOPMAN Ladder jumper - the last rung

As per usual, it looks like the last of the BLACK Ladder Crew Neck Jumpers from Topman are now sold old, both online and in-store.

Personally I came across a stone colourway in their Hemel Hempstead store, and at the time I saw it they were still available online.

No link I’m afraid, by the time I got to write this, they had gone and Topman had removed the page.

But while the page was up I did download the detail shots of the jumper for reference.

What I will say is that having seen a number of the jumpers together at the same time, the holes and laddering are 100% consistent between jumpers. that is to say they are identically placed and shaped - probably knitted in as a pattern, and are not randomly applied  during manufacture - ie by some mangle that distresses the jumpers on the fly.

So although the jumper in this posting is most definitely not the right colourway, I thin the photos show the holes and ladders to a higher level of detail than the images of the black version.

You can see the holes and ladders towards the bottom of the jumper a lot clearer in the stone version.

Having taken some professional advise, one final point - it should be noted that the jumpers are made of 50% Acrylic 50% Viscose, rather than the high-end wool used to make the Paul Smith jumper which these are somewhat of a rip-off of.

This means they will NOT take to dyes - the acrylic content will just shrug the dye off, no matter what type you use.

So please don’t buy one of these light coloured jumpers thinking you can dye it to black - it just won’t work.

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