Tuesday 28 April 2015

The Capaldi look - dress down Time Lord

Filming continues apace this week on series nine, and the crew have been spotted on location.

The Daily Mail Online covered the days work by tying it in with the fact that it was Jenna Colman’s birthday (happy birthday Jenna!), but for the cosplay spotters it was a bit of an eye opener!

Daily Mail Online
Jenna Coleman celebrates birthday on Doctor Who set

Firstly - THOSE TROUSERS! Wow. That’s a fashion statement. I hope the Fashion Police don’t have their own TARDIS, or Peter’s in trouble.

It now looks like The Doctor’s costume has been given a bit of a shake up.
He’s still wearing the same boots, and his coat (aside from a minor tweak here and there) remains largely the same.

Under the coat he has the black hoodie, first glimpsed in Time Heist and again more extensively in Last Christmas.

But hiding under that is a large print t-shirt.

Looking at it closely it is NOT the same as he wore for the Rose tribute video last month - but it does lead us to some possible conclusions.

On the basis that the t-shirt he has worn before is by Label Lab from House Of Fraser, it only took a moment to find this new shirt on their website.

House Of Fraser
Label Lab Night Bloom Negative Flower
This positively identifies the t-shirt for the current filming as Label Lab Night Bloom Negative Flower, meaning it is “screen accurate”.

It then leads us to believe the Misty Mountain shirt that was worn for a previous episode is also “screen accurate”, giving us two new costume variants for series nine (on top of a couple of others that have been spotted already).

If I were you I’d grab one of these shirts (and one of the Misty Mountain while you’re about it) before they sell out.

Thursday 16 April 2015

Label Lab t-shirt - stocks running low!

It’s only been a few days since I put out there where The Doctor’s new t-shirt came from, and they are already almost entirely sold out (innocent face) - aside from less than a combined handful of Small and Extra Small.

As with a lot of these online retailers, House Of Fraser’s online presence is totally separate from their high street stores, in that they do not share the same stock supplies.
This means that although their online stocks are sold out, there ARE still shirts in their branches across the UK.

Unfortunately they cannot reserve stock via their website, and the stores cannot make sales over the phone.

Obviously if you are overseas you are badly out of luck but if you are UK based and are willing to make the effort, there is stock out there.

If you are seeking one of the t-shirts, I have collated a list of all the stores and the stock levels as of the beginning of this week.
Use this list as a way of quickly finding which branch has your size so you don’t make a wasted trip to the wrong store.

I hopes it can help unite fans with screen-accurate cosplay!

Monday 13 April 2015

New t-shirt? - positive ID!

It’s only been a week or so since Peter Capaldi was seen in a tribute video wearing what could possibly be part of his new wardrobe, but I’ve noticed a buzz going around about THAT t-shirt!

There is no confirmed news that this IS a new costume, but I got a seriously sneaking suspicion it is, given the rest of the items he was wearing at the time.

Well, a good friend of mine - who I have to say is something of a web-ferret - has come up trumps and found the t-shrirt, even with the tiny amount of it on view!

From what you can see there are maybe some clouds at the top.

In the middle there maybe a headland, or craggy rocks.

At the bottom there seems to be some form of iron structure, possibly a bridge or similar.

Well, the mystery has been solved (for now).

The t-shirt design is called Misty Mountain by Label Lab and is available from House of Fraser.

Well, that maybe be mystery solved for mow - but it does leave another bigger mystery - is this t-shirt part of The Doctor’s new outfit, or just part of Peter Capaldi’s personal wardrobe.

Only wibbly wobbly, timey wimey will tell for sure!!!

Climbing a mysterious mountain

Speculation has been mounting that a t-shirt worn by Peter Capaldi in a new online video could be part of his new look for series 9.

So much so the Doctor Who cosplay community seems to be in overdrive at the moment trying to identify it - even without knowing for sure it is part a screen-worn costume.

Still, better safe than sorry - we are always a season behind when these things are first seen, and by the time they reach the screen they are from over two seasons ago - only THEN do we realise we really wanted to find it!

Well, after a lot of web-hunting we could be close to an answer!

What do you think? is this a MATCH???!

All will be be revealed very soon...