Tuesday 28 April 2015

The Capaldi look - dress down Time Lord

Filming continues apace this week on series nine, and the crew have been spotted on location.

The Daily Mail Online covered the days work by tying it in with the fact that it was Jenna Colman’s birthday (happy birthday Jenna!), but for the cosplay spotters it was a bit of an eye opener!

Daily Mail Online
Jenna Coleman celebrates birthday on Doctor Who set

Firstly - THOSE TROUSERS! Wow. That’s a fashion statement. I hope the Fashion Police don’t have their own TARDIS, or Peter’s in trouble.

It now looks like The Doctor’s costume has been given a bit of a shake up.
He’s still wearing the same boots, and his coat (aside from a minor tweak here and there) remains largely the same.

Under the coat he has the black hoodie, first glimpsed in Time Heist and again more extensively in Last Christmas.

But hiding under that is a large print t-shirt.

Looking at it closely it is NOT the same as he wore for the Rose tribute video last month - but it does lead us to some possible conclusions.

On the basis that the t-shirt he has worn before is by Label Lab from House Of Fraser, it only took a moment to find this new shirt on their website.

House Of Fraser
Label Lab Night Bloom Negative Flower
This positively identifies the t-shirt for the current filming as Label Lab Night Bloom Negative Flower, meaning it is “screen accurate”.

It then leads us to believe the Misty Mountain shirt that was worn for a previous episode is also “screen accurate”, giving us two new costume variants for series nine (on top of a couple of others that have been spotted already).

If I were you I’d grab one of these shirts (and one of the Misty Mountain while you’re about it) before they sell out.


  1. Looks like they are letting Capaldi get down with his punk rock roots. I kinda love it!

    (sorry to repost... had to set up my profile, apparently.)

  2. Hello!

    Those trousers are absolutely amazing!

    St last, however, they have been ID'd, as been made by Mendoza Mens Wear, Brick Lane in London! Link is below!



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