Friday 26 February 2016

Misty Mountain t-shirts -

I’ve had a number of readers contact me recently asking about the Label Lab t-shirts worn during series nine, and if I know anywhere to get one.

The House Of Fraser originals are now long out of stock, and impossible to find online or on the high street, but I have an option for you if you are still looking.

Teaming up with a friend of mine, I have a half dozen original, unworn shirts for sale in sizes Large and Extra Large. These are with original labels and sealed in their pas-supplied ackaging.

Stocks are VERY limited, so get in touch as soon as possible if you are thinking you want one.

Please be aware the price of the shirts reflect their scarcity and shipping is extra, so let me know where you are so I can quote you the costs involved.

If you want a Misty Mountain t-shirt, please mail me at 
while stocks last.

Sadly I do not have any of the Negative Flower shirts, only the Misty Mountain version.

Monday 15 February 2016

The Twelfth Doctor -
as played by THE WAR DOCTOR!

Ever wondered what might have been?

What if The War Doctor was STILL The Doctor?

What if he said that immortal speech from The Zygon Inversion?

Well at Gallifrey One this year, as part of his stage talk on the Sunday, legendary actor Sir John Hurt did just that!

See more of Sir John Hurt reading classic Doctor speeches
as The War Doctor here
The Third Doctor
as played by THE WAR DOCTOR!
The Fourth Doctor
as played by THE WAR DOCTOR!

To my surprise, The Radio Times’ website has picked up on my videos and shared them online!
Watch John Hurt re-read some of
Doctor Who's most iconic speeches
as The War Doctor

Friday 12 February 2016

Space Shark t-shirt - alternatives

Since we all missed out on the T-shirt Store’s Space Shark t-shirt, the only alternative is to find something similar.

There are a couple of options out there.

On there is another commercial t-shirt with a similar shark’s head in a matching pose. Shark Head Killer
Black T-shirt

If you want something a little more screen-accurate, then Skippy2k who found the original shark’s head picture, has his recreation on

RedBubble - 12th Dr Space Shark
T-Shirt V2
Let hope he doesn’t get sued like the producers of Steve Jobs!

Fabric Friday Gally special -
Joel & Son shirt fabric

The week for a special Gallifrey One Fabric Friday I’m bringing you one of the more obscure fabrics used during series eight.
Bookending Kill The Moon, Peter Capaldi wore a striking polka dot black and white shirt.

At the the time it caught every by surprise as it never appeared in any of the publicity stills in the run up to broadcast, and it evaded detection during the location filming.

Due to its fleeting use, it was assumed that the shirt was another off the peg item, possibly from Paul Smith, who did have a similar but not identical shirt around that time.
In fact it was quite on-trend during 2014 with a number of high street retailers stocking bold polka-dot shirts, but none quite matching this one.

What later emerged, via some detective work by Doctor Who cosplay forum members, was that it was actually custom made shirt by Budd Shirtmakers, using some bespoke cloth sourced at Joel & Sons, a fabric merchant with a royal warrant.

Tracking down some of the cloth, it emerges that it is not actual black - that is just how it appears on screen - but is a deep navy blue.

The cloth is a pure silk, very sheer, and has a pronounced twill across it.

It also has a coarse, random grid like pattern superimposed over the polka dots, which is barely perceptible on screen. You can just see it in this screen cap.

Wednesday 10 February 2016

Jumping the Space Shark

The surprise addition to Doctors wardrobe in the opening of Face the Raven was a new t-shirt.

Only used for one brief scene, it was a blink and miss it moment. But it has got the cosplayers intrigued as to where it came from - and what it actual was of.

Well, the forums went into over-drive but no-one definitively tracked it down.

One entrepreneurial forum member managed to work out the main image is a shark's head, and even found THE source image online. Form this he reconstructed the design of the shirt, as far as it could be seen.

I’ve since done some research and discovered the image is relatively famous, in the it was the subject of a 2015 law suit due to its unauthorised use in Steve Jobs, the story of Apple’s iconic leader.
Photographer sues over shark picture used in 'Steve Jobs'

Meanwhile, there were roomers online it came from a small boutique shop on the edges of Covent Garden called Super Superficial, but it's not on their shelves and speaking to staff they never had such a shirt.

However, in a classic Columbo moment, just as I was walking to the door I asked if there were any other t-shirt shops nearby that might have been the source. The manager suggest The Tshirt Store, a stone's throw away.

I quickly found the store and chatting to the staff in there they confirmed it HAD been stocked there earlier in the year. My description totally fitted theirs and I was told it was called Space Shark.

They have an online store, but it only lists part of their collection, and nothing that is past-sold.
The Tshirt Store Online
Sadly it had long been sold out and trying to contact their head office in Sweden proved they were sold out at their warehouse too.

I tried to persuade them into restocking and selling it online, but that seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

In fact, passing by this week I found the store had completely closed down!
So not only is the t-shirt sold out, the shop where it was bought is already history.

I guess the only option now is a fan-made recreated shirt online.

Tuesday 9 February 2016

Gallifrey One - a client all set

In anticipation for Gallifrey One in Los Angeles this coming weekend, one of my most regular clients has received his two series nine Peter Capaldi coats.

 This is his navy crombie-style coat, with screen accurate trousers, t-shirt , hoodie and boots!
And the other coat, my personal favourite, with screen accurate Budd shirt, T M Lewin waistcoat, trousers and boots.

He looks all set for an exciting weekend at Gally!