Wednesday 10 February 2016

Jumping the Space Shark

The surprise addition to Doctors wardrobe in the opening of Face the Raven was a new t-shirt.

Only used for one brief scene, it was a blink and miss it moment. But it has got the cosplayers intrigued as to where it came from - and what it actual was of.

Well, the forums went into over-drive but no-one definitively tracked it down.

One entrepreneurial forum member managed to work out the main image is a shark's head, and even found THE source image online. Form this he reconstructed the design of the shirt, as far as it could be seen.

I’ve since done some research and discovered the image is relatively famous, in the it was the subject of a 2015 law suit due to its unauthorised use in Steve Jobs, the story of Apple’s iconic leader.
Photographer sues over shark picture used in 'Steve Jobs'

Meanwhile, there were roomers online it came from a small boutique shop on the edges of Covent Garden called Super Superficial, but it's not on their shelves and speaking to staff they never had such a shirt.

However, in a classic Columbo moment, just as I was walking to the door I asked if there were any other t-shirt shops nearby that might have been the source. The manager suggest The Tshirt Store, a stone's throw away.

I quickly found the store and chatting to the staff in there they confirmed it HAD been stocked there earlier in the year. My description totally fitted theirs and I was told it was called Space Shark.

They have an online store, but it only lists part of their collection, and nothing that is past-sold.
The Tshirt Store Online
Sadly it had long been sold out and trying to contact their head office in Sweden proved they were sold out at their warehouse too.

I tried to persuade them into restocking and selling it online, but that seems to have fallen on deaf ears.

In fact, passing by this week I found the store had completely closed down!
So not only is the t-shirt sold out, the shop where it was bought is already history.

I guess the only option now is a fan-made recreated shirt online.

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  1. Was able to score an XL at the T-shirt Store just now! Now it lists as sold out.


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