Friday 26 February 2016

Misty Mountain t-shirts -

I’ve had a number of readers contact me recently asking about the Label Lab t-shirts worn during series nine, and if I know anywhere to get one.

The House Of Fraser originals are now long out of stock, and impossible to find online or on the high street, but I have an option for you if you are still looking.

Teaming up with a friend of mine, I have a half dozen original, unworn shirts for sale in sizes Large and Extra Large. These are with original labels and sealed in their pas-supplied ackaging.

Stocks are VERY limited, so get in touch as soon as possible if you are thinking you want one.

Please be aware the price of the shirts reflect their scarcity and shipping is extra, so let me know where you are so I can quote you the costs involved.

If you want a Misty Mountain t-shirt, please mail me at 
while stocks last.

Sadly I do not have any of the Negative Flower shirts, only the Misty Mountain version.


  1. And which episodes for this and the negative flower?? Would be a huge help! Thanks!!!

  2. Just discovered this article, are any of these shirts still available?


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