Friday 22 May 2015

Label Lab Misty Mountain - SOLD OUT!

It took less than a month, but all online stocks of the Misty Mountain t-shirt have already SOLD OUT!

In fact, the item has been totally removed from the House Of Fraser website, so aside from a few shirts hanging around in high street stores, it really is UNAVAILABLE!

If you missed out - or like to wear your Doctor Who costume subversively on a daily basis - there is an option left.

As well as putting the design on a lightweight t-shirt, House Of Fraser has a version on a sweatshirt with long sleeves and a thicker fabric.

For some reason its called Air Misty rather than Misty Mountain, but it is the same artwork.

House Of Fraser
Label Lab Air Misty crew neck sweatshirt
I know it’s not full-on “screen accurate” but I like that it’s a bit more wearable and it harks to the Capaldi costume.

Not being a big fan of short sleeve tops, I’m gonna grab one just for the fun of it.

Are you gonna do the same?

Stocks of this shirt are quite low across the board, so grab this while you can too!

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  1. There is an alternative and not very costly. A website has the Misty Mountain image and can it on a plain coloured t-shirt. The company is called Red Bubble, link below:


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