Saturday 1 June 2013

New Doctor, new blog

So, Matt Smith is leaving and a new Doctor will be inhabiting the TARDIS.

The first thing he’s gonna need is a costume, and I’ll be here to asses how it looks and how to cosplay as The Twelfth Doctor!


  1. Alas, I was hoping that Matt would stay for one year that a new production team worked on the show, like Tom Baker did with JNT as producer.

    In fact, none of the Doctors since Tom really have had more than one production team behind them. Which is part of the reason I attribute to his success, the show did change throughout his run, but with him as a standard, something to grasp on to.

  2. I think ties will be out (despite the bow variety being cool!) and the 12th Doctor will wear open collar shirts.

    Just a guess based on the style of the previous three...

  3. Tiniest bit late, but perhaps TWO ties at once, a la Back to the Future Pt2?

    I took the liberty of (badly) Photoshopping that together.

  4. Nice one! And just in time for the future in 2015 :)


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