Wednesday 28 January 2015

A change of wardrobe?

There’s a bit of very interesting Doctor Who costume news that I’ve known about for a little while, but have kept under wraps.

However, since it is now for all to see on his website, I think I can happily reveal that Howard Burgan, who has been costume designer since The Snowmen in 2012 has now handed over the reins - to none other than Ray Holman!

Ray was instrumental in creation of the first look for the Eleventh Doctor back in 2010, having designed for series five.

Prior to that he had designed for Doctor Who in Tenth Doctor era when the double-banking of episodes meant Louise Page needed a second pair of hands to cover the Doctor-lite episodes Blink and Turn Left - all this while designing for Torchwood series one to three.

Since leaving Doctor Who, he worked again with Russell T Davies for Wizards vs Aliens, and with David Tennant for both series of Broadchurch.

Time will tell if Ray will imprint his own look on The Doctor’s costume for series nine. I kinda hope he does - I’m a bit uninspired by the sombre look of the Twelfth Doctor right now.


  1. Cool! I got very excited when I saw his name in the credits of Broadchurch, and it will be interesting to see him back on Who.

    By the way, IMDb credits Howard Burden as costume designer going even further back to Asylum of the Daleks, but of course there were no significant changes to the Doctor's costume until The Snowmen.

  2. Yeah it does look sombre but in fairness to Howard Burden Peter Capaldi did say he wanted a costume cosplayers won't have a hard time replicating. Peter did have some input. Seeing some still for Series 9 I see they are giving 12th some tartan pants. I'm kinda mixed about that.

  3. Yeah it was sombre but Peter said he wanted something cosplayers won't cost an arm and leg to replicate. He had some input there to fair to Howard Burden.

    Been seeing some of Series 9's production stills. Am iffy about the tartan pants.tbh.


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