Friday 10 July 2015

San Diego Comic Con 2015

Today has effectively been the launch of the series nine publicity machine.

Steven Moffat, Peter Capaldi, Jenna Coleman and Michelle Gomez are all out in San Diego at the Comic Con to promote the series, and part of their presentation included the first tester trailer.

Flicks And The City have released a single-camera video of the entire panel - so if you weren’t there, this is a great way to catch up!

You’ll notice that the trailer screening at 17:50 is omitted from the video.

Luckily you can watch the full trailer on the BBC YouTube channel. Phew!

There are a couple of brief shots of The Doctor in action, showing he IS wearing the Label Lab t-shirts as part of the series nine wardrobe.

First we see the Negative Flower design.

Then we see the Misty Mountain version.

Finally we see his new sunglasses.

Bow ties are cool? No - THE DOCTOR is cool!


  1. Do you think those are actual Ray Ban wayfarers? Or just something similar?

  2. Luckily for cosplayers there are cheap sunglasses that look near identical. A similar pair in John Lewis cost £10.


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