Friday 13 November 2015

Doctor Who Festival - an epic welcome

Today was day one of the Doctor Who Festival at London's ExCeL exhibition centre.
It has a weird feeling of continual de ja vue, bringing back memories of the Doctor Who Celebration at the same venue two years ago. The queue seemed a shorter this time around.

I got there about 45 minutes before it opened, and was happily within the first 50 or so in the queue. They progressively move us forward towards the entrance, but I could feel a strange whispered buzz amongst the security staff who were guiding us.

Then I noticed a small press pack with cameras taking photos of the waiting crowd, before the shutter doors went up in front of us. You'll never guess Who was there waiting to welcome the fans - Peter Capaldi himself!!

The press moved around behind him, and he turned to them to give them a photo op backed by the amazed fans.

You can just see me on the back row, towards the left.

Once the press had got their shots, Peter took a moment or two to shake a few hands and speak to some of the fans waiting, before he was whisked away and we were allowed in.

But what a way to get welcomed to the event!

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  1. In the pre-credit sequence of "Face the Raven", the Doctor is wearing a new shirt underneath the hoddie. Has it been identified yet?


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