Thursday 21 January 2016

What’s it like to be a Doctor Who
costume designer?

Today the BBC published a really fantastic interactive article about Doctor Who costume designer Ray Holman.

The article is divided into seven sections:
1. A stitch in time
This is an introduction to Ray and his background in the industry

2. Meet the costume designer
In this video Ray talks about his work on series nine

3. Gallery: Costume concepts
Here is a fascinating collection of 10 highly detailed concept drawing pulled from a number of episodes during series nine

4. How do I become a costume designer?
Ray gives an insight into his route into costume designing

5. Gallery: From sketch to reality
In this second gallery, more sketches are paired up with photographs of the finished costumes,
6. Decide you destiny
A further insight into the historic and futuristic costumes of Doctor Who

7. Where next?
Further reading elsewhere on the BBC website

It real is a fun read and there are some gems in the galleries, so spend a little time exploring rather than skimming it over.

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