Friday 2 August 2013

Doctor Who Live: The Next Doctor

Since early June when Matt Smith revealed he was leaving Doctor Who, there has been endless rumour and counter-rumour as to who will be taking over in the role.

Personally I find all this idle speculation pointless and frankly distracting so I have chosen not to mention any of this ‘news’ as I see it transient and facile.
My blogs are by their very nature costume focused, but I allow myself to digress and cover events I have attended dressed in the costumes I have made.

Well, a news story broke last night which from what I gather first appeared on the Metro website (see right). It caused a storm of internet gossip and the posting was soon strangely missing.

It appears a supposed pilot for an ‘Entertainment’ show being recorded this coming Sunday at BBC Elstree (which is barely a mile from where I live) is a thinly veiled cover for a studio-based reveal of the actor taking over the role from the Christmas episode.

The information about the show encouraged people to come in costume, and since I have swung myself a ticket, I can hardly fail to oblige!

The Radio Times for 4th August lists a repeat of an edition of Celebrity Mastermind, which has been described as a disposable repeat, merely a placeholder for the screening.

It’s being broadcast live, as well as seen simultaneously on BBC America so we’ll all get to see what transpires as it happens.

Check back soon though as I’ll give you the inside story on the recording of the show.

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