Sunday 4 August 2013

Doctor Who Live: The wait begins

Today’s the big day of the reveal of the Twelfth Doctor - and it’s all happening at a studios barely a mile from my house!

First thing this morning we took a quick look at the studio entrance where the queue will form, and found the crash barriers already set out - but no-one around.
Being first-in-the-queue is too much for me to resist, so after going out to breakfast we dropped home to collect a few things before heading back down to the queue for around 9.15am.

Thankfully nothing had changed, so I was now officially FIRST-IN-THE-QUEUE!

Just got eight hours to wait...

I wasn’t alone for too long before a handful of other keen enthusiasts turned up.

It was around this time that we had another surprise visitor - an urban fox casually wandered past, paused to look at us, then headed on his way.
I hate seeing foxes around, especially since I keep six chickens in my back garden.

Anyway, slowly the queue started to form behind us, with maybe 20 or 30 people by noon.

A few were in costume, with fezzes and bow ties being the most common accessories on show.

One family arrived, relieved to have found the queue (I think they may have gone to Elstree Film Studios on the other side of the high street in error). Asking of this was for the Entertainment Pilot Show, we sorta said yes. We explained it was really for Doctor Who Live, including the twelfth Doctor reveal to which they said ‘No! Never!’ They honestly thought it was as originally advertised!

It wasn’t until around 2 or 3pm that fans began steadily arriving, filling the crash barriers and continuing around the corner at the end of the road. I spotted a number of familiar faces along the line, wearing costumes I had seen on Facebook or at other conventions or events.

The queue itself even made the local press, with the Borehamwood & Elstree Times giving some coverage to the day’s proceedings.
Whovians descend on Borehamwood (From Borehamwood Times)
There was even live updates on the BBC News channel with Lizo Mzimba surrounded by fans!


  1. Ha ha! Ten hours or not, I envy you!

  2. Oh dear. I hear Bonnie Langford is there this evening. Slightly less envious

    1. She was only on pre-record so that was okay in the end!

      Don’t know about you, but I was left under wealmed by the studio guests and was perplexed why Steven Moffat, who was in the building, failed to come out and give Peter Capoldi his personal support.

  3. They made a good choice I think!

    1. I'm pretty happy - most of the fan-world seems happy - lets get behind him and give him the backing he needs!

    2. Oh I agree! I think he should be excellent and hopefully we'll see a darker and possibly slightly more adult Doctor. Not that I don't love matt Smith but a change of tone will be good too

  4. Here's my video of the queue

    Yes, I was the greatest idiot.


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