Sunday 2 February 2014

The Capaldi look -
breakdown in the Metro blog

There have been a number of press articles online about the new Doctor’s costume, breaking it down into its constituent parts.

One I thought worth showing you is on the Metro-online.
Get the look -
Peter Capaldi’s Doctor Who outfit
It covers each of the items in turn, naming the screen-used garment (not always getting it right) but then does offer some suggestions as to good alternatives - one of which accidentally turns out to be the screen-worn item!!

Even though it is not 100% correct, I thought it worth flagging up, even if only for the alternatives.

The coat
it correctly identifies the Crombie coat, highlighting the accepted closest on offer, the Navy Retro Crombie Coat, slim fit at £795.

It gives a suggested alternative of a Navy Trench Coat from TopMan costing £150.
TopMan - Selected Homme Trench Coat

I really don’t rate this choice at all. it doesn’t have proper lapels;
the back has a yolked shoulder;
and it lacks the red lining.

The Cardigan
This is a curious piece of happenchance. The way the article is written it suggests the John Smedley Merino Woll Cardigan (from John Lewis) at £150, not realising it is actually the screen-worn garment.
John Smedley - Cavendish In Midnight

The Shirt
This is the one disappointment here, as they fail to identify the shirt worn, and suggest a Plain Tailored Shirt from Zara for £29.99 as a throwaway “that will do” option.

The Trousers
Their choice for the trousers are from Riess at £110.
Reiss - Hertford T Dark Navy Pleated Tuxedo Trousers

The Boots
The Metro’s choice for the boots is a bog-standard Doc Marten’s Dr Martens original 8-Eye boots at £100 from - Dr Martens Original 8-Eye Boots


  1. I've had no luck at all in tracking down a plain white shirt with a big 70s/Pertwee collar. Has anyone got any leads? H

  2. I got this shirt from Crombie, it is on sale at £75 and the collar looks similar, though not sure if it is as big:

  3. It does look a fairly big collar doesn't it? Probably more so when it's on a person and not sitting flat when folded. And it's got double cuffs too so it could be the right one. They've only got 16.5" left though. Too small for my tree trunk neck if it's to be worn done up :(. H

  4. For me the trouser look more like the Dockers D2 Regular 46198/0005. Navy colour, pleated waistband and crease.

  5. Seen so far at Amazon - Boots - Geox Mens U CLAUDIO H Boots £105.00 + £3.99 UK delivery , Cardigan Mishumo Cardigan navy melange £67.90 + £3.99 UK delivery

  6. The trousers could also be a Levis Sta-Prest. Fits to the other parts - Doc Martens respectively Brouges, Crombie coat, Button down shirt and Cardigan. All classic early skinhead look and fits into the Pertwee time.


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