Sunday 2 February 2014

The Capaldi look - the trousers

When Peter Capaldi’s coat was revealed to be from Crombie, a lot of people noticed that they also sell trousers which bear a mark resemblance to those in the new costume.

They certainly have the right general look, and are in probably the right colour being a dark navy. But looking at them they seem to lack the very tapered ankle.

I think they can only be regarded as a good alternative.
Crombie Navy Birdseye Trousers

The trousers now identified as probably the right ones are from the Spring/Summer 2013 Paul Smith range.

Paul Smith Indigo Mohair-Blend Trousers

If you remember, back in October Paul Smith himself posted in his blog that Peter Capaldi had visited his workshop.
Could this have been when the trousers were chosen.

There is one notable difference however, the pleats on the front are flapped in the opposite direction. That said, the trousers could easily be altered to change the way these pleats lay, so I’d say these are the right ones.

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  1. So, after receiving a pair of the Paul Smith trousers, I can say they are almost certainly not the right ones, for three reasons.
    1) The colour is very off. They are a lot brighter blue than in the website picture, and when contrasted with Capaldi's Crombie coat, it can be seen the colour is very different.
    2) The pleats are actually darts, so it would mean the trousers would have to be totally remade to reverse the pleat - I guess it's possible that Paul Smith could have made him an entirely custom designed pair, but the pair above are not the real trousers, and at £210, are a very expensive look-ish alike.
    3) On closer inspection, you can see Capaldi's fly shape is different at the bottom. Where Paul Smith's ones are rounded, Capaldi's end on a horizontal line with little curve.


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