Tuesday 7 October 2014

BBC promo pictures -
Mummy On The Orient Express

This is becoming a habit! After an initial run of publicity photos that (costume-wise) didn’t correspond with the episodes, this is the third week running where they do!

The Doctor wears a smart two-price double breasted black suit finished off with a handkerchief in the top pocket; with white shirt (I don’t think it is the Budd shirt); along with a grey waistcoat; and Wyatt Earp style black silk necktie.

There is one unfortunate photo showing The Doctor on the phone with a dangling cable not connected to anything! Lets hope that’s all part of the plot, otherwise it’s the Downton Abbey water bottle all over again!

Finally there is the obligatory heavily photoshopped composite image.


  1. Would you say the trousers worn for the majority of this episode are the same as his standard ones only in black?
    Also, do you know if he was wearing his usual Loake boots or something different? Don't remember there being a clear shot.


  2. After some screencap scouring, I am able to answer my second question - his boots remain the same when suited.
    Also, his shirt definitely isn't his go-to white Budd shirt as, in very high quality images, it is seen to be a 'waffle' material.


  3. I think this is my fave version of twelves outfits.


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