Friday 3 October 2014

Polka-dot shirt -
where did that come from?!

This week’s episode gave Doctor Who cosplayers a bit of a shock - The Doctor has another new shirt, but this time we didn’t get a heads up!

All the promo pics for Kill The Moon showed him wearing a SB6 space suit, so the polka dot shirt is a bit of a surprise to say the least.

The way I see it problem is twice-fold.
  • Firstly, if the shirt was off-the-peg it would have been around at the time of filming, meaning it was at least last Spring/Summer 2014, if not Autumn/Winter 2013. So it likely it’s long gone.

  • Secondly, the design although distinctive, is not unique. If you search online you can relatively easily find a black and white polka-dot shirt, but is it the right one? Who knows.
So, in the meantime I’ve been googling black and white polka-dot shirts, and one in particular shirt by Relco keeps coming up. 
I am not claiming it is THE shirt, or even screen accurate, but it certain create the necessary look.

Okay, the shirt has a button-down collar, and the buttons are whiter - but both of these are easy to change and/or remove without affecting the look too much.

The polka-dots are a bit larger but in the correct pattern, though the spacing is maybe a bit tighter than required.

I have come across the same shirt at a number of outlets, notably eBay and Amazon.
Men’s Polka Dot Casual Shirt
eBay - Men’s Polka Dot Casual Shirt
Men’s Polka Dot Casual Shirt

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