Tuesday 30 September 2014

BBC promo pictures - Kill The Moon

For the second week running The Doctor will be wearing a very episode-specific costume, so the accompanying promo pics are again in sync with what we shall be seeing at the weekend.

The episode sees the return of the Sanctuary Base Six space suits, first seen way back in series two’s The Impossible Planet.

Back then The Doctor liberated two suits (if I remember right), but strangely he has three to hand for his trip to the moon this week. How handy.

Now, you’d be forgiven for thinking the BBC just put the old suits back to good use and dug them out of the archive for filming, but I happen to know for certain that these suits have been totally remade from scratch.

I know there are fans out there who are more expert on the ins and outs of this costume than me, so I invite them to see if there are points of difference between the originals and what we see here.
Be open-minded, as these ARE different.


  1. That polka dot shirt was pretty great!
    [img src= "https://33.media.tumblr.com/9247f33c875ece0cefe30abf6c2eaa30/tumblr_ncybyqFW6x1rn3zbbo1_250.gif"]

    1. Yeah. And it reminds me of ol' Sixy's ties

    2. I absloutely loved the shirt. I initially thought it was a bit much but it really grew on me. I found one that's pretty similar but isn't SA by any stretch of the imagination. It has the same kind of feel though, so if anyone is after a "close enough" shirt, this one might be a good shout.

    3. I found that one too, it's a pretty good match but not exactly the same. I was kinda hoping to come on here and find Steve had identified a match for it. Maybe one day!

  2. The TARDIS creates outfits for the Doctor as needed, so presumably the Sanctuary Base Six suits were the most advanced (having come from the relative far future) that it had to use as a pattern?


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