Tuesday 16 September 2014

BBC promo pictures - Time Heist

The BBC have issued the usual round of publicity stills for this weeks episode, Time Heist.

I say usual in a pointed way as yet again the main portrait of The Doctor is another random photo of Peter in the white Budd shirt and waistcoat, rather than what he will actually be wearing on screen.

The rest of the images issued are actually stills from the episode, and show Peter in the navy blue Paul Smith shirt.


  1. Navy blue shirt? For a while, I thought it was black

  2. Hi Steve, have you been trying to ID the amazing jumper Capaldi wore in Listen? I've been looking for it as I'm enamoured. I must have it. One of the unique features are the long sleeves that cover the back of the hands.

    1. the jumper is from Paul Smith but is long sold out, you would have to search ebay or try and find one elsewhere.

  3. Hi Steve! Thanks for this site. Quite honestly very interesting. I'm one of the former artists on the Doctor Who comic for IDW Publishing, but even so, I still like to keep up with the current Doctor.

    As for that Paul Smith jumper Peter was wearing in "Listen," I've just been looking for decent photos of it (ie, non-screencaps). I saw him wearing it in the DW: Extra for "Deep Breath" and then again in Listen, and some promo images for "The Caretaker," but I'd just like to see the thing (I'd look terrible in it, so I'm not looking to buy it).

    Any exact names for that item, or good resources online to just see it? Thanks!

  4. Steve i would like to know what is the fabric used in capaldi's brown coat in the episode of (the caretaker)


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