Sunday 7 September 2014

Robot Of Sherwood - Paul Smith Shirt

This week’s episode, Robot Of Sherwood, sees The Doctor’s first major costume variation.

He’s dropped the bespoke-cut white Budd shirt and John Smedley cardigan in favour of a burgundy shirt.

If you’re looking for the shirt you don't need to look very far.

Peter Capaldi seems to have a charge account at Paul Smith, as it seems to be his favourite label, both on and off screen.

If you look closely at this candid photo from the filming, you can see there is wording etched into the buttons, something Paul Smith often does.

Paul Smith Classic Formal Shirt in Purple

If you look at the detail shots of the shirt, you can just make out that the buttons have writing etched into them, and they are the same steely grey colour. You can also see the edge-stitch detailing around the collar and button stand.

That will be the shirt then!


  1. And it's already sold out at the moment. That was quick.

    1. Wow! I wonder id next Saturday's shirt will either sell out or just copy the tiny holes with black long sleeves they have at home?

  2. The inside of the cuffs seems to be lined with a black/white pattern as well =)

  3. The thing is, these shirts and jumpers were bought months ago. Most of it is part of the Paul Smith 2013 winter collection and is not able to be found.

  4. Talk about a spot of luck I just found this extact shirt in my local tkmaxx today I was over the moon to say the least


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