Monday 8 September 2014

BBC promo pictures - Listen

It’s that time of the week, and the official BBC promo pictures for the next episode have been released.

Publicising Listen, there are two shots of Peter in front of his blackboard, each with a portrait and landscape option.

Yet again these images simply do not match the costume that will be seen on screen.

It’s widely known Peter wears his own Paul Smith jumper with knitted holes in it, not the white Budd shirt as shown here.

He first wore the jumper during the read through for Deep Breath.

The first set-up shows the wiped board with simply the word LISTEN written on it.

The second version is more akin to the blackboard as seen in the episodes.

This image isn’t entirely new, and appeared a couple on months back on the cover of Short List magazine (7th August issue).

Aside from these two sparse images, I haven’t as yet seen any others to publicise Listen.

Drop me a line if you come across any others.

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  1. his knitted jumper is from paul smith but it is sold out.


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