Sunday 28 September 2014

At last - a cosplay on a BUDGET!

This week’s episode saw The Doctor incognito as The Caretaker.

In typical Time Lord style, his disguise extended to only wearing a brown warehouse-style coat over his usual costume, last seen in Listen.

So far his entire costume has either been custom made (the Crombie), or hideously expensive to buy (the John Smedley cardigan, Loakes boots, Budd shirt, Paul Smith trousers etc) - and that was if you could find them.

But the warehouse coat is something that for once IS within a cosplayers budget, and can be found online for as little as £20!

Here is a good source where you can order one.

Fruugo -
Mens Warehouse Coat - CT01K

As far as I can see it ticks all the boxes - the mustard colour (refer to the image above rather then the heavily photoshopped promo pictures); two patch outer pockets; a breast patch pocket; and press-stud rather than button fastening.

They also come in a good range of sizes from chest 34 right up to chest 50, something a lot of cosplay costumes don’t always seem to do.

So whatever your size, you can grab yourself a “screen accurate” Twelfth Doctor costume - and NOT break the bank for once!

While on Fruugo’s site I also noticed they stock a Fixed Beam LED Pen Torch - something that is not dissimilar to the very first sonic screwdriver used by Patrick Troughton back in the late 1960s!

It’s not strictly screen accurate, but a cool little addition to a Time Lord’s pocket for a bit of old school Who cosplay!
Fruugo - Fixed Beam LED Pen Torch


  1. Hi Steve. Do you happen to know wear I can find a coat like this in the USA? I can't find any online.

    1. As far as I understand it, this isn't a garment worn in the US, so I don't think it can be easily sourced your side of the pond. Sorry.

      If you read Fruugo's website they do ship to the US.


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