Thursday 26 March 2015

A look back - and a look forward?

Today is a special day in New Series Doctor Who - it’s exactly ten years since The Doctor exploded back onto our screens following the wilderness years!

Since we had the official 50th Anniversary barely 18 months back, there is no big celebration like there was in November 2013.
Instead the BBC have marked it with a few low-key items.

One of these is a heartfelt tribute by the incumbent Doctor, Peter Capaldi himself.

Now, I was watching this video when something struck me.

So, he appears to be on-set filming series 9, and is wearing his now trademark coat with black hoodie underneath, but with a casual t-shirt below.

But what caught my eye is the fact that he is wearing the custom made ring which disguises his wedding ring as The Doctor’s ring.

Could he be caught between takes while filming? If so, is that t-shirt more than just ‘model’s own’? Is it part of the new look returning costume designer Ray Holman has created?

If it is, then NOW is thew time to trawl the collections of a few named high street retailers to see if it is available.

I’m seeing Paul Smith, All Saints, maybe even Debenhams could be possible targets! Ah - the game’s afoot!!!!

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