Sunday 27 September 2015

Misty Mountain - RedBubble replica t-shirt

For those who missed out on grabbing a Misty Mountain t-shirt when they were available at House Of Fraser, one of my readers has spotted a possible alternative.

Ryan posted a link on my earlier posting about the shirts, so you may have missed it.

Looking at the original shirt, I would suggest getting it no the pale grey base, rather than a stark white.

And at a little over £17, the price is pretty good too!

Catch it while you can, in case the copyright guys at House Of Fraser have it taken down.


  1. I went ahead and bought one, after seeing this, I'll comment again letting you know how the quality is once it arrives!

  2. I bought one of the red bubble shirts, in light grey, when it arrived I was shocked, the grey was much darker, their website pic is very mis-leading, white may very well have been better


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