Thursday 10 September 2015

Series 9 - promo images IMPLEMENTED!!!

I always find it interesting how designers at magazine publishers can take the standard issue promo images and fashion them into eye catching covers that grab your attention on the newsstand.

So I thought I’d take a little time to compare the composited covers with their source images.

You can always rely on Doctor Who Magazine to come up with the goods when there’s some great images to use.

They cleverly created the classic back-to-back pose from two solo photocalls of The Doctor and Missy. You’d never know they weren’t in front of the camera together.

SFX Magazine on the other hand went for one of Peter Capaldi’s trademark attack eyebrows poses, cropping in tight for maximum impact.

The Big Issue opted to use the more melancholy stare of The Doctor in his sombre navy crombie ensemble, curiously doing their best to obscure the casual Label Lab t-shirt.

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