Wednesday 22 January 2014

Are bow ties no longer cool?

This week sees the 2014 Toy Fair trade show at Kennsington Olympia.

It’s the chance for manufacturers to show off their new products and ideas, drumming up trade and interest for the year and ultimately the lucrative Christmas market. (Yes - I know we’ve only just HAD Christmas!!!)

The show is always keenly watched by Doctor Who fans as some sellers previews include sneaky looks at what might be coming in as yet unbroadcast episodes.

This year Character Options have displayed their first Peter Capaldi action figure - disappointingly wearing only his regeneration outfit, left over from Matt Smith.
Aside from the cheesy raised eyebrow, one thing really stuck me - the lack of bow tie.

If you remember, just before regenerating he took off his bow tie and dropped it to the floor.

I wonder if there will be a replacement for the bow tie in the Twelfth Doctor’s costume? Time will tell I suppose.

Are bow ties no longer cool?


  1. I was wondering if anyone else had picked up on that too. Actually, the last thing Matt does as The Doctor is take off the bow tie and lets it drop to the Tardis floor. It's a poetic move as Bow Ties are Matt's "thing." He made them cool and no one else can pull it off like he could. So the bow tie is definitely off for Capaldi, but I was surprised they took the time to sculpt it into the new figure. As much as people complain about the 3.75, that is a wonderful detail they captured.

  2. Yes, Matt Smith removed his bow tie at the end of "The Time of Doctor". It was a symbolic gesture. So in the very first scene with Capaldi in Matt's costume, he is not wearing the bow tie. The toy is screen accurate in that regard.


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