Monday 27 January 2014

The Capaldi look - a custom Crombie

It has already been revealed that The Doctor’s new coat is a Cromie.

One of my enterprising readers has already been onto Crombie and has got a very prompt reply!

They said:
The Doctor Who coat is a Made To Measure Coat created by our Made To Measure service team in exclusive for the tv series.

The coat is based in our iconic and classic Crombie Coat.

Feel free to have a look and hopefully you would like this exclusive coat.

Best Regards

Crombie Team
It would appear the coat that was used as the basis for it was from their classic range
Crombie Navy Retro Coat - Slim Fit

I notice there is an option to ADD TO WISHLIST. I think at £795 for the standard version - adding to a wish list will be all I’ll be doing on this one!


  1. I knew you'd have the coat identified! I'd seen a link to the Crombie, but could tell that wasn't it, at least not off the rack. Frankly, I like the original better than the custom job the BBC got. I don't like Capaldi's diagonal pockets, which give too plain an outline, and I prefer the original buttonless look, though I can see why they modified that. But WTF is up with that cardigan and those pleated trousers???

  2. Any idea what the premium for the made to measure service is? Or is that included?

  3. I understand the premium service is £1600 and this is NOT the standard coat.

    1: the pockets are 2 diagonal(almost vertical), rather than horizontal.
    2: No velvet collar
    3: Three buttons are not covered
    4. No top front pocket

    The cut appears along the lines of crombie 3215D rather than the A283

    Suspect their is some hidden details here to discover!

  4. Update to previous post: The cost for the custom service is £1600 but the additional options, such as the real silk can raise the price to £3000... (ouch!)

    The standard crombie coat doesn't look like the doctors, but some third party products do. You are looking for an EPSOM cut that is two diagonal pockets and no top pocket, with collar from same material (melton cloth ideally) with a notch lapel

    The following will be on interest to UK budget cosplayers.
    can be ordered from here for a £79 including postage and packing (s bit cheaper than the offical version :-) ).
    It does not have the red lining, but just get some crimson satin cloth and add it, but from what i see of the filming the lining is unlikely to show up when worn most of the time

    The Moss Bros coat differs from screen seen as has 4 buttons on the sleeves, rather than 5. plus is a tailored fit rather than slimline - so more liberal around the stomach - but this may suit your frame better. Cloth looks slighly thicker than the screen melton.

    Over the shoes the following £40 pound ones on ebay are a close match except the brogueing slighly more to the rear and the top three ringlets being hoops - but these will be under your trousers so wont be seen. Cheaper than the £215 screen seen ones

    Gets some double pleated DARK BLUE (not navy) trousers from primark (£10) on a longer than normal size and fold them up at the seem. add a white DOUBLE CUFF dress shirt from the same location for £12. This is significantly cheaper than the crombie originals (which seem mainly sold out)

    For the cardigan get a Henbury one from ebay (multiple sellers) but make sure it is the older 5 button one and not a 6 button version. I believe HB722 is the henbury code for the older version. This can be got for around £15 to £25. The buttons are not right so get some mother of perl, 4 hole buttons to replace the horn ones (extra £5) - some sewing for you to do but does save you £122 on the screen crombie original.

    I have ordered all of these items and will be seeing what i can make from them. will let everyone know

  5. That Moss Bros coat looks good. I'm hovvering over the "buy" button....

    I just had a thought thought though, iTailor (who Steve mentioned for some made-to-measure 11 shirts a while ago) do coats now (

    You can specify number of buttons (5 button option on the cuffs), the red lining, and the made-to-measure aspect should mean you get the right fit and length. I've had ago at building a 12 coat on their website but I'm not sure about the collar/lapel shape. What do you think? H

  6. If anyone's dithering about the Moss Bros Navy Epsom Overcoat, there's an online voucher code (MOSSVC15) to give you another £15 off, bringing the price down even further to £64. I just took the plunge :). Be quick though, this one runs out on Valentine's day... H

  7. i have the moss bros coat ironically i ordered and got it before i saw the above comments and it is a nice coat Next have a similar coat with red lining and the fabrics are similar but its £130


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