Monday 27 January 2014

The Capaldi look - a nice warm cardy

As well as wearing a customised Crombie coat, it appears the new Doctor is also sporting a nice warm cardigan - also from Crombie.

It has the same navy colour; the right number of buttons; the same wide waistband at the bottom, with two buttons spaced close together through it.

I’d be surprised if it isn’t the right one!

Well, I m surprised. From new information that’s been posted on the net, it appears the cardigan is by John Smedley. So this Crombie version now merely becomes a good alternative.
Navy Merino Wool Cardigan

Amusingly the model shot on the Crombie website even shows it being worn with the bottommost button undone, just like how Capaldi wear it too.


  1. I'm beginning to imagine first episode of Series 8 to end with The Doctor stealing from a Crombie shop!

  2. I've got my budget version already :). Look up "Henbury button Cardigan" on ebay and you should find it. It's cotton/acrylic blend instead of merino wool but is fine gauge knit so should look the part. It's also a good dark navy, has no pockets and most importantly to my eyes, has 5 buttons with 2 close together on the waistband, just like the Crombie.

  3. I like the idea of a cardigan, but I wish it wasn't the same colour blue as the coat. A little variation would make his outfit pop a bit more.

  4. all of this research in one place. you are a prince among men. :D ... going to fem this version for a summer con, I hope. A thousand layers of wool will be hard outside but sublime in super a/con. :D

  5. Quick update - my "Henbury button Cardigan" arrived yesterday and is great except that they've sent me a 6 button version with 2 buttons on the waistband but 4 buttons on the body (and consequently a higher V neck). Nice, but not right! You'll see the 6 button version from other sellers but it wasn't what was in the picture of the one I ordered. I'm waiting for replies to see if this was an error or they're just using an old picture and don't actually have any 5 button ones anymore. I'll keep you updated but you may want to specifically ask if they're really selling the 5 button version in the picture before you order...

  6. Man, talk about awesome luck! The original IS 6 button so the ebay one is right.

  7. Next Stores have very close Cardigan to that it has 6 buttons instead of 5 but it's only £22 so well worth a look.


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