Wednesday 23 April 2014

Budd Shirtmakers - little bundle of joy

Now that the maker of Peter’s shirt has been revealed as Budd Shirtmakers of Piccadilly Arcade in London’s fashionable West End, I can share with you a few more gems about their work on Doctor Who.

For a long established and traditional company, they are refreshingly connected and have two highly active Twitter feeds.
The first is their general newsworthy feed.
Twitter @BuddShirtmakers

The other, which I find much more interesting, is written by their cutters who post day-to-day news from their workshop.
Twitter @CutterAtBudd

Looking back over their history there is a wonderful little preview of the Peter Capaldi shirt dated 6th September 2013.

CutterAtBudd: A shirt for a certain doctor
It shows Peter’s shirt, all cut and ready to be sewn, along with the card pattern used. You might recognise that collar shape on the top of the pile.

Funny to think that posting was just quietly sitting there, and no-one knew it existed!

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