Saturday 19 April 2014

Regeneration shirt - definitive ID

If you’ve been excited to find out the maker of Peter Capaldi’s white shirt, you’re in for another treat.

When I was talking to James MacAuslan, Budd Shirtmaker’s talented young cutter, you might have noticed there were two shirts on the counter.

The second is a stock blue shirt which I found out was THE shirt worn by Matt Smith in The Day Of The Doctor!

This was also worn during the close of The Time Of The Doctor, and is the shirt Peter wears once he’s become the Twelfth Doctor.

Yes, for once The Doctor was wearing a simple off the shelf shirt, I gather because Matt was always too busy to come in for a made-to-measure appointment.

It is Budd’s Blue End On End shirt, and is freely available to buy online at their website and costs £125. The days of The Doctor shopping at TopMan are long gone.

However, before you buy if you sign up to the Budd online newsletter you get a special discount code which will give you £20 off your first purchase.
Signup here, or on the Budd website For £20 Off your first Shirts

Personal Information

I will just mention that having seen the shirt in-hand, the colour on the website is not an accurate match. It is bluer and definitely the right shirt.

The shirt forms part of their current core range and is still available in all sizes, so you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting one.

It may well be just a blue shirt - but it is THE blue shirt!

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