Monday 28 July 2014

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The Sunday Times Magazine 27th July 2014

As the broadcast dates for season eight draw near, there have been a number of magazine articles in anticipation of Peter Capaldi’s debut as The Doctor.

A few have special exclusive photoshoots of Peter in costume, and although they are not official BBC costume portraits, I feel they are worthy of a look.

Sunday Times Magazine
27th July 2014

The Sunday Times Magazine carries what it claims is the first interview with Peter Capaldi ahead of his debut as the Twelfth Doctor.

A similar interview appeared in the Telegraph Magazine just before Matt Smith began his era.

Photo Paul Stuart © Sunday Times
It goes without saying that The Doctor’s costume comes under scrutiny and there is a wonderful portrait shot of it on a mannequin stand.
There also features a shot of Peter putting on his Budd shirt.
I’ve taken a copy of the magazine along to the guys at Budds and they are thrilled to see their shirt so prominently displayed!
Finally Peter ties the laces to his Loakes, and he’s ready for action!
The article can be read in full on the Sunday Times website (if you subscribe to their online content).
The Sunday Times -
The doctor will see you now
The magazine lists a URL on their site, but I can seem to get it to work. Ho hum.


  1. So it seems the waistcoat he wears here (which seems like it's going to be seen much more often in the series than the cardigan is) has the same red lining on the back as the inside of his coat =D

    1. My thoughts exactly!! I was worried that trying to recreate this with a cardigan would result in something that would be too warm- but the waistcoat is perfect!


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