Monday 7 July 2014

Ticket scramble -
Cardiff preview 7th August 2014

No matter how well planned, these things are always seem to turn into a scrum and the hosting websites fall over with the level of demand. Do they never learn?

Following the leisurely stroll then mad dash for ticket to the Doctor Who: Live event at Elstree Studios, today saw the release of tickets to a preview of Deep Breath at St Davids Hall, Cardiff.
St David’s Hall Cardiff
Doctor Who World Tour

The event marks the start of a The Doctor Who World Tour (literally) taking in SEVEN cities over FIVE continents.

This will become the biggest series launch of Doctor Who - ever!

CARDIFF - 7th Aug
LONDON - 7th Aug
SEOUL - 9th Aug
SYDNEY - 12th Aug
NEW YORK - 14th Aug
MEXICO CITY - 17th Aug
At this point news is scarce about what form the events will be taking place, and the dates are not being full released (the list about has been assembled retrospectively).

For now only the details for Cardiff have been released, so like everyone else I’m poised on my computer for 10am this morning waiting for the tickets to be come available.

It took almost half an hour for the website to open the bookings, and then promptly fell over wight he demand.

I took to using my desktop AND laptop to try to get in, and on several occasions I did, only to find either the seat I selected was strangely unavailable when it can to adding it, or an internal system error threw me out.

In the end I managed to secure a seat in Tier 11, which although quite far back, is at least pretty central.

Checking back  I found that the whole venue was SOLD OUT, so I was relieved I managed to grab the seat I got while I could.

It just remains for me to get myself a cheap return train ticket and look to arranging a final visit to the Matt Smith Doctor Who Experience before it closes to be revamped and relaunched with Peter Capaldi as the incumbent Doctor.

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