Thursday 31 July 2014

Press coverage -
Empire magazine September 2014

Last week we had The Sunday Times Magazine running a cover story interview with Peter Capaldi. This week it is the turn on the film magazine, Empire to get kick off their coverage.

On sale from 31st July, the September issue has a nice article and photo shoot.

Sadly Doctor Who doesn’t make the cover - that goes to some film called The Hobbit.

Empire Magazine
September 2014

Personally this is the most engaging photo shoot to date.

The Sunday Times was quite low-key; and Entertainment Weekly was a bit brief - but this has a bit more fun with the two lead stars.

Taken by David Venni, the photoshoot was on 17th June 2014.

Empire have released images of how the article appears, along with some alternatives and out-takes from the shoot.

There’s a fun set of three images, showing The Doctor on the empty set...

...then the TARDIS starts to appear...

...until it is near fully revealed.

You can read a promotional version of the article here:

EMPIRE Exclusive:
Peter Capaldi On Doctor Who

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