Friday 1 August 2014

Ticket scramble -
ODEON Leicester Sq 23rd August 2014

Will it never end?

As well as the preview screening around the globe as part of the Doctor Who World Tour, the BBC have announced that Deep Breath will also get a simultaneous cinema outing on the 23rd August.

It was fun seeing Day Of The Doctor at the BFI in 3D, but I wasn’t overly fussed about a cinema trip to see Deep Breath again.

Well, that was until they announced that the ODEON Leicester Square will play host to the screening along with another live panel discussion and Q&A session.

I gather some other cinemas are showing a live feed of this session, but it is at the ODEON Leicester Square that it is happening in the flesh, so to speak.
SO yet again its refresh buttons at the ready for a 10am release of tickets.

I’m registered on the ODEON website, so a few minutes before 10am I logged on to speed up my checkout time.
Clicking on the page for the screening I found tickets were open - and it wasn’t 10am yet! So I was straight in there and got some prime seats a few rows from the front, dead centre.

It was surprisingly easy.

I was curious as to how tickets were selling after 10am so I checked back to find the website had seriously fallen over!

I felt relieved I had grabbed them when I could - and lucky that I do so before the official on-sale time.

Hopefully that’s it for ticket scrambles for a while. Not sure I could handle another anytime soon!
Checking back a week or so later, I see that although the cinema is basically sold out, there are some seats left in the Rear Circle. They’re a bit in the Gods, but still seats!

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