Saturday 9 August 2014

The Capaldi look - a Doctor in civvies!

Series eight of Doctor Who official wrapped this week and the very next day the Doctor Who World Tour kicked off.

I was lucky enough to be at the first leg in Cardiff, and saw WORLD premiere of Deep Breath.

The next stop was the later the same day in London at one of my favourite film venues, the BFI.

The BBC issued some nice portrait shots of Peter Capaldi and Jenna Colman, taken just before the screening.

Peter is sporting a rather natty shirt with a star constellation design.
It reminded me very much of the many fabric designs available through Spoonflower!

I wondered where it came from and did a bit of research.

It didn’t take me long to track it down to - of all places - Paul Smith!

Paul smith seems to be the choice of the recent Doctors, with David Tennant’s tuxedo from Voyage Of The Damned; Matt Smith’s Burgundy and Blue Scroll shirts in series Five; and now it’s the favourite of the latest Doctor, Peter Capaldi.

You may remember that in October last year I reported that Peter had visited Paul Smith’s workshop for a cup of tea with the man himself, so seeing him wear a shirt outside of the show isn’t entirely surprising.

Great choice for a Time Lord though!

The shirts are available to buy online and are in stock in all sizes (while I write).

Paul Smith Men’s Shirts
Navy Cosmos Print Shirt


  1. Really hope somewhere more widespread releases a similar shirt for cheaper. The minute I saw him in it I just loved the design, but unfortunately the most I spend on shirts is £30...but let's hope he incorporates it into the actual costume, fantastic shirt for the Doctor to add some more uniqueness to Capaldi.

  2. Also if it's any help to this site, speaking of his shirts upon scrolling through the Paul Smith site I think the blue and purple shirts Capaldi's been seen wearing in costume spotted during filming are from there. Well through tumblr I've seen a lot of Capaldi's wardrobe since the role is from Paul Smith, and they have purple and blue shirts of exact same colour. I mean I've got similar ones for quarter price from M&S but still it just seems possible.

  3. Found this article on his ring which seem legit.

  4. I actually had a look in the Paul Smith outlet in London today and they were stocking a couple of the holey jumpers Capaldi wears in a few eps. Really beautiful.

  5. This shirt would be cool as part of the actual costume.

  6. I made my husband a copy of this shirt for Christmas. I used fabric from Spoonflower here . I used a navy blue design with constellation lines (but not the pictures). I would post an image but it doesn't seem possible on here! Anyway I thought some of you might like to browse the selection to make your own Peter Capaldi shirt.



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