Thursday 7 August 2014

Deep breath preview -
a new colour has been invented

Today was one of those days that just went nicely to plan beginning to end.

I managed to grab myself a ticket for today’s preview of Deep Breath, so at the crack of dawn I’m off down to Cardiff on the train.

With the work I have on at the moment I can’t afford to waste too much time, so I took along a handful of tweed jacket collars for pad-stitching!
My reserved seat on the train was a bit cramped for hand stitching, so I relocated to a table seat where two ladies looked at what I was doing with curiosity.
I explained I was a tailor and what I was up to.
They were over from the States, one from Texas the other from New Mexico and were visiting Cardiff for the Doctor Who Experience.
Sometimes it seems everyone goes to Cardiff for Doctor Who.

We pulled into Cardiff around 11:30 giving me a comfortable 45 minutes to find the venue and get seated.

There was a red carpet arrival for Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, but I assumed I had missed this.

Inside I found somewhere to drop off my overnight bag and I headed upstairs. Ultimately I need to get to level six, so it was up and up.

In the bar area there was a photo op for you to have you picture taken in front of a large display of Peter. It was free, and the pictures are posted on the BBC Cymru Wales Facebook page. A friend of mine, James, would be so jealous. Spot me there!
The next level up has a balcony overlooking the red carpet, which I hadn't missed after all.

In the distance we could see Peter signing autographs and posing with fans. Jenna was in a stunning ankle-length red dress and was following on behind.
Time was running short so they had to rush past a lot of fans so they didn't miss their entrance.
BBC News - Doctor Who gets red carpet premiere in Cardiff
I found my seat, which was very high up, but at least very central. The screen seemed very far away, but at least I was in.

This was the FIRST ever public screening of the episode - in the world, so everyone was fired up ready to see how Peter plays the part of The Doctor.

After a brief introduction it was on with the show as the lights dimmed and the excitement mounted.

I'm not going to go into a great deal of detail on the episode, but for those who want to know a bit about Peter’s costume, and how it evolves throughout the story, click the spoiler below.

Deep Breath - Costume Index preview

I’m sure you’re reading this wondering how Peter plays the part. How does he act? Does he do a good job?

Well, I was asked the question on Facebook, and this was my reply.

When they cast a new Doctor it is like they have invented a new colour. It’s not blue, or pink, or red, or aquamarine, or vermillion - it’s a NEW colour. If you could liken it to something else it wouldn’t be a new colour - it would be that other colour, but maybe a little different.

You can describe it til dawn, but whoever you tell is still gonna say, “Yeah, but what was it like?” Until they see the colour for themselves, no-one can say what it’s like. You tell me what you think of the new colour when you see it.


  1. I was at the premiere too-thoroughly enjoyed the episode and I love the Doctor's new costume. I love the work you do on this blog creating the most accurate costume replicas with the original materials, but I've found this originality comes at a cost! I've therefore created a blog showing cheaper alternatives to the most accurate costumes for cosplayers on a budget, starting with the twelfth doctor's costume-check it out and see what you think!

  2. Thank you for blogging your recent adventure to Cardiff . I'm so envious "sigh" - I live in Western Australia and I can hop in the car and drive for an hour and still be nowhere. I enjoy reading about your tailoring journey and appreciate the research into fabrics. I'm not into cosplay but have made my son "Book Week" costumes for school - 4th and 11th doctor - which he has won prizes. This year it's Bear Grylls, alas (couldn't talk him into another Doctor costume). Wishing you all success in your tailoring business.
    Gerry from West Oz


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