Tuesday 19 August 2014

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Radio Times 23rd August 2014

Doctor Who is back on our tv screens this coming weekend, so it goes without saying that Peter Capaldi is on the cover of the Radio Times, out today.

The Radio Times has a long tradition of commissioning its own special photoshoots when The Doctor graces its cover, and this is no exception.

The publication has recently launched a digital edition for tablets and mobile phones, so this week’s edition is a perfect hook to get subscribers to go for the digital edition over the newsstand one as it has some brilliant bonus features. More on some of that later.

The newsstand edition has a pretty pedestrian cover portrait of Peter (see above) but the digital one is animated, pulling in the cog motif from the new-look opening titles.

Image © Radio Times
They have done a series of photoshoots, the main one accompanying the article depicts Peter in full costume inside a blue box - get it?

The three images here appear in the newsstand edition.

The digital editions of the Radio Times are priced at £1.99 each, but as a special offer the Doctor Who issue is just 99p!

Images © Radio Times
The digital edition has an additional eight shots in a picture gallery, including the undoctored version of the cover image (see below).

Images © Radio Times
The digital edition can be downloaded from the iTunes store for the BARGAIN price of just 99p for a limited time only. Grab it while you can!
Images © Radio Times
It also has some nice portrait shots, showing off a lot of details on Peter’s costume (see below).

Images © Radio Times

Image © Radio Times
Finally there is one more bonus gallery of images showing Peter reading the famous 1973 Radio Times Anniversary Special, which he personally praised in a letter to the Radio Times that year. His letter is reprinted to prove it!

Tagged onto the end of this gallery is the ENTIRE 1973 special - the first time I can recall it being officially available digitally.

This makes the introductory offer of 99p for the issue incredible valve for money!!!!

Images © Radio Times

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