Saturday 6 December 2014

BBC promo pics - Last Christmas

After the teaser picture a couple of weeks ago, the BBC have issued a full set of official promo pictures and portraits.

Here are the images The Doctor appears in.


  1. Hi Steve!
    I've been a guest of your costume blogs for 2 years for now and I've never commented, so first of all: I truly appreciate your work and enthusiasm. I am a fan of eccentric yet elegant clothing styles and Who, this fantastic show absolutely provides me with all kind of strange, cool coats, vests etc.

    I would like to ask you if you like the fact Capaldi's incarnation wears a hoodie now. I remember you didn't like his basic attire back at January (do you like it now?), since it was too basic and not that kind of special thing but the hoodie is something no incarnation wore before yet an ordinary item of clothing.

    Sorry for my grammar mistakes, English is not my mother tongue.

    Thank you for your answer!
    Bye, Marton.

    1. I must say certain aspects of his cosutme leave me quite underwealmed, and this is one of them.

      Im looking forward to what changes season nine will bring us.


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