Saturday 20 December 2014

Capaldi waistcoat - upgrade

A little while back I made myself a Capaldi waistcoat, using the correct melton fabric.

At the time I didn’t have access to the authentic red silk for the back, so I just used a plain red satin as a placeholder.

However, I now have the real thing and I’m quite excited to start using it, the first thing I’ve done is to remake the waistcoat, using the correct fabric on the back.

It’s a subtle change, and frankly will hardly get seen as it will be worn underneath the Crombie coat.
But as you can see from the two photos above, the plain red just doesn’t compare to using the authentic lining and it gives me some satisfaction to go that extra mile and get things as perfect as possible.

I’ve already got some clients looking forward to getting theirs using my special lining - and it’s almost Christmas!!


  1. Wow... That is just so beautiful.

    1. It looks even more beautiful in real. I love my waistcoat :-)

  2. What shirt color match?
    As I been thinking ,making charcoal stripe with maroon back lining, but I fear I only going to wear same shirt that match lining or vest

  3. I really need a vest to go with my coat... Do you know where we can get some in the US? Do you sell them? Just wondering cause I'd like it for the Galifrey one convention this year.


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