Friday 19 December 2014

The Capaldi Crombie - IT BEGINS!

Over the past few months I have secretly been working on my replica of the Peter Capaldi Cromie-style coat. Okay, so no-one’s surprised at that, but what i have done is go that extra mile to source there perfect fabrics needed to complete the project.

The body of the coat is relatively simple, as the material came from W Bills, and the new owners, Harrisons, still stock and promote the fabric as part of their own range.

The problem has been the lining, as this was an end-of-line found at a London fabric shop. I was able to secure a limited supply, but nowhere near enough to do a replica coat.

My only chance was to get it rewoven. After many months of negotiations my bolt of fabric arrived today, so I can finally crack on with making a truly accurate replica Peter Capaldi coat.

The lining is really not what you expect.

It may appear on screen or in publicity stills as being a nice and simple plain red fabric, but in reality it is a finely woven mix of red and NAVY BLUE silk.

This creates an iridescent quality to it, with the light catching it in different ways all the time. I’ve done an initial batch using a black for now, but it gives a comparable result.
The best way to compare it is to put it side by side with a photo of the original coat taken at the Doctor Who Experience in Cardiff.

What do you think?


  1. You say you got the lining rewoven. Is it then possible to have more than a couple of coats done? Just curious - I might get a coat commissioned in the future :D

    1. I had to get a minimum order done, so I will have spare.
      Message me at if you want more info.

  2. Hi, I would like to have more info about ordering a Capaldi coat (if possible) but the email doesn't seem to work. D:

  3. You have no idea how badly I want my own version of the coat. However, I am both very busty and in the states. Do you ever do such work long distance?

    Love your site and photos!

  4. Steve, any more info on the main fabric for this coat?


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