Saturday 2 July 2016

Burgundy velvet - a job in a rush

Blimey, I have been so busy lately.

As fast as I am making stuff I am getting new orders. It’s manic!

The last few weeks I have been engaged on a rush job for a client who needed one of my Capaldi Velvet coats as part of a wedding party taking place very soon.

Though I’d have liked a bit more time to do the coat, it wasn’t impossible to make it in the time allowed, so I agreed to take the job.

Today the client collected the jacket in person and before he did I took  these photos as I was very pleased with he result.

I am using a top quality screen-matched velvet, along with the shot twill lining from the original source.

My buttons are screen-accurate real horn, with the matt red cuff button from the original shop ray Holman got his from, and my shiny cuff button, though not 100% screen-accurate, was seen by Ray and he approved it as a good substitute.

I am very satisfied how the coat drapes and sits. Velvet is a notoriously difficult fabric to work, but through the multitude of coats I have been making lately, I feel I have mastered the manipulation of this cloth.

The design of the coat is simple in its cut, but can be tricky in its assembly.

Keeping a good drape on the front of the coat where the lining comes right to the leading edge is deceptively challenging.

I’m relieved to have competed the coat in time for the wedding, and hope the client enjoys wearing it.


  1. Next up: the new black velvet with the blue lining

  2. Hi Steve, I have also made this coat, but I can't seem to shape the coat from the front. Is it all in the way that you cut the pattern or is it more the canvas? Chris Kerr (the tailor who made the coats for the show) said the only canvas used is along the edge and the lapels. Thank you.

    1. I use horsehair across the upper chest and lapels.

      I just want a but more support across the chest to give it a bit more stability during continual wear.

    2. Gotcha! is the shaping in the sides all done with the way it's cut? Thanks.

  3. You're just wonderful, Mr. Ricks! Keep up the brilliant and inspiring work. And please post about Capaldi's season 10 looks soon! His waistcoat worn with one of the outfits appears to be John Lewis' Mason Cotton Waistcoat in navy but is now sold out. And the new black velvet frock Capaldi claims is Topman?

  4. Amazing work :) is there any chance you make kids versions my son really wants a fab capaldi cosplay now he has put grow his Tennant one we put together?

  5. Ama Xu Georgia :) is there any chance you make kids versions my son would love a Capaldi cosplay now he has outgrown his Tennant one we put together? Thanks


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